About Me

This website is owned by Devendra Chaudhary, a Physics guru having a long experience of more than 26 years. He also owns the YouTube channel: PhysicsPLUS. He is an Engg. Graduate from NIT, Allahabad. He also holds LL.B degree. All through this period he has guided a large number of students for class XI and XII (CBSE and ISC Boards), IIT-JEE and PMT (NEET). He has also taught Physics online to the students in USA, UK and Middle East.

He not only teaches Physics but also helps develops the confidence to tackle Physics problems. This is what the majority of students moving to class XI lack. Physics is taught in such a pathetic way that creates fear among students. Teachers are free to teach Physics as they like. They complete the syllabus on paper. It does not matter for them whether the students understand subject or not. This is true for almost all schools including so-called top schools. It is at this stage fear of Physics creeps in. As compared to IIT-JEE aspirants, medical aspirants are more scared of Physics. At PhysicsPLUS, he strives to make the students confident in Physics.

He has helped many medical aspirants score very well in Physics and get high ranks in PMT (NEET). All his students also attend the so-called best coaching institutes of India for IIT-JEE and Medical entrance exams. In Delhi-NCR almost all the class XI and XII students join these coaching institutes. Some join because they want to crack entrance exams, some join under peer-pressure and some join as this is a status symbol for their parents. But majority has a misconception that joining these institutes will catapult them directly into IITs and AIIMS. The dark reality of the coaching institutes which charge lakhs of rupees in fees: They concentrate only on small number of good students out of thousands who join them. They provide their best faculty for these students. Majority of these students are taught by average faculty. These students are just a source of income for the institutes. Conclusion: If your performance is average, even coaching institutes which charge hefty fees will not give any respect.

Another peculiar facts about these students is that they all also join separate private classes for 11th and 12th. Their logic for this: Coaching institutes do not teach for class 11 and 12. This is a ridiculous logic. What is taught in class 11 and 12 is the base of any subject. It means these institutes do not teach basics of a subject. How can a student understand a subject with understanding the basics of a subject? This is at least not true in case Physics. At Physics, you can make your fundamentals strong.

If you relate yourself to any of the facts mentioned above (positive or negative), you can subscribe to Devendra Chaudhary’s YouTube channel: PhysicsPLUS. At this channel, you will find a lot of important and helpful material for class 11, 12, IIT-JEE and PMT (NEET). Here are some comments from the subscribers of PhysicsPLUS: